Making a Difference with World Toilet Day

2018 19 Nov

Have you ever thought about the origins of the humble bathroom toilet? It’s an invention that has come an awful long way in a fairly short space of time. Revolutions in technology have seen what was previously a messy business evolve into a comfortable, hygienic, and at times even a luxurious activity. In modern Western bathrooms, toilets tend to be made of smooth porcelain at a good height for sitting; wall mounted, back to wall, and close coupled toilets are the three most common designs.

Pura Arco back to wall WC pan in showroom

An IMEX Arco back to wall toilet blends perfectly into our Horsham bathroom showroom

The first known use of a man-made toilet was 5,000 years ago on Skara Brae in what is now the Orkney Isles. Since then, many versions have come and gone, from the most rudimentary holes-in-the-ground to Victorian thunderboxes. The man most people associate with inventing the modern flush toilet was Thomas Crapper. His symphonic flush toilet, with a valveless waste water preventer patented in 1897, was by far the most reliable and hygienic toilet invention yet.

What is World Toilet Day?

Toilets have perhaps done more to improve the health and well being of humanity than any other invention. In the developed world – at least – diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and others are a thing of the past. Mankind has never been more hygienic. But in many parts of the world, billions of people still don’t have access to the safety and cleanliness we take for granted.


This is where World Toilet Day comes in. Celebrated each year on 19th November, World Toilet Day is a United Nations initiative to raise awareness of the sanitation and water crisis in many parts of the world. According to the UN, 4.5 billion people live without a safe toilet – that’s 62.5% of the world’s population living without access to safe sanitation. This leads to serious public health issues such as infected drinking water, and causes harm to the environment.

The organisers of World Toilet Day are taking action to reduce these numbers, with the ambitious aim of ensuring that everyone has a safe toilet by 2030. All manner of events are taking place this week. These include:

  • Mass cleanliness drive in Arunachal Pradesh, India
  • Wastewater and nature walk tour in New York City
  • Morning TV discussion panel to promote World Toilet Day in Sierra Leone

Online, too, people have been raising awareness of World Toilet Day with the hashtag #ShareYourToilet, encouraging people to upload photos of their toilet to show their gratitude.

& So To Bathe’s top 3 toilets

In the developed world, we’re fortunate to have access to safe, hygienic toilets – both at home and in our public spaces. Modern toilet designs continue to evolve with the latest technology and style trends, and our huge collection of toilets showcases the very best that modern technology has to offer!

1. Best Toilet Innovation

When it comes to cutting edge bathroom technology, you can’t beat a Geberit toilet. The Geberit Monolith Plus boasts all manner of innovative tech features to give your bathroom a futuristic look, with energy-efficient kudos into the bargain. The toilet automatically illuminates with discreet LED lighting when you approach – in a choice of seven colours – and the seat opens with a sensor-controlled soft touch (see above video.) Flushing is controlled by another soft-touch zone. While odour is taken care of with odour extraction technology that runs for as long as is needed. Choose from wall hung or back to wall WC pans, whichever best suits your space and style.

2. Most Stylish Toilet

Catalano Sfera rimless WC in modern shower room

Our customers are growing more and more fond of “streamlined” rimless toilets – not to mention their more hygienic properties. Featured above is the Catalano Sfera 54 wall mounted WC with concealed cistern, our choice for most stylish toilet at & So To Bathe. Designed with a soft close, quick release anti-bacterial toilet seat, this toilet effortlessly blends art and hygiene. Finished in Catalano’s sumptous Cataglaze coating, the ceramic material is simply a class above regular toilets and does justice to the understated modern design.

3. Best Price Toilet

Imex Grace comfort height toilet

For those on a tighter budget, it’s still imperative to find a stylish and well-made toilet. At £420, our best value WC undoubtedly is the Grace rimless comfort height pan by IMEX, finished in a high gloss easy clean glaze with efficient water-saving technology. The “comfort height” makes a surprising amount of difference – it sits at 420mm off the floor rather than the standard 390mm and is especially useful for older or less agile users.

Why not visit our bathroom showroom in Horsham to explore our toilet displays in an inspiring setting. Our bathroom experts are on hand to answer any questions about toilets – indeed, all things bathroom related. You can can also use our cutting edge 4D experience to view any toilet of your choice in a “virtual bathroom”.