Our Best Aqualisa Digital Showers

2018 17 Dec

Digital showering is a major new bathroom trend that’s here to stay. In this month’s blog we look at some of the best digital showers on the UK market: Aqualisa Smart showering.

We have partnered with Aqualisa to become one of their select few Premier Showrooms in the country. This means we have access to Aqualisa’s top of the range Premier Collection of digital showers, some of which are on display in our Horsham showroom.

What are digital showers?

The main attraction of digital showers is their eco-friendly qualities. But another key feature is the option of visual feedback to give you a better quality showering experience. With Aqualisa Smart showers you can see the exact temperature of the water, set various timings and flow types, and even create personalised messages. All showers come with a remote control option so you can set up your perfect shower before stepping in.

Q Edition premier collection 5 finishes

If you’re lucky enough to have a combi boiler or pressurised hot water system, all you need to run a digital shower is an un-pumped processor box. A processor box is much more versatile than a normal shower pump: it can be positioned up to 10 metres away from the shower area, which means you can hide it in a loft, airing cupboard, or under the bath. (For a low-pressure system, a processor can be pumped for higher pressure.)

Our best Aqualisa digital showers

Aqualisa HiQu Shower (Premier Collection)


Aqualisa HiQu Digital shower overhead 3D

We included an Aqualisa HiQu valve with overhead rain shower for this bathroom project in Sussex.

The jewel in Aqualisa’s Premier Collection, the HiQu (from £609) is our top selling digital shower at & So To Bathe. It’s simple to use and comes with the option of a remote control to switch between bathing and showering. LED lights turn red or blue depending on the current temperature, so you know exactly what to expect before stepping into the water. The two dials on the thermostat control flow and temperature, so you can fine-tune your shower experience as you go.

Aqualisa Infinia Smart Shower

Infinia Smart shower controller

Aqualisa’s Infinia digital shower comes in a higher price category than HiQu (from £1,295) but offers a stunning, sleek design for your shower area. The wafer-thin plate is only 2.5mm and offers the least intrusive, most seamless look of any Aqualisa digital shower. It’s also the most customisable shower in the range, with a choice of three designer dials in Chrome or White/Chrome.

Aqualisa Q Edition Smart Shower (Premier Collection)

Aqualisa Hi Q Smart Shower in Bath

The Aqualisa Q Edition shower is all based around the multi-functional “Q lever.” Boasting a waterproof On/Off button and touch screen, you can customise your shower experience to suit your tastes. Set your own water temperature, timings and flow type, or simply pick from six pre-sets including Comfort, Sport and Eco. Use the special remote control to switch on your shower in advance until it reaches just the right temperature to step inside.

If you’d like to upgrade your bathroom with a digital shower, call us on 01403 276266 and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can visit us in our Horsham showroom and see our digital shower products up close!