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Beautiful Wetroom and Bathroom Lighting Horsham

Our suppliers boast over 2,000 products designed for a wide range of lighting applications, and they are continually improving the design and production processes to evolve with the changing climate of lighting requirements year by year. They have put together an attractive and inspiring collection that is perfectly suited to show your bathroom in the very best light possible.

Using fibre optics, light can travel through a small rod and come out elsewhere. Mirrors and lenses can distribute the light from a single source in many directions.

There is no magic formula for light in a room. When making decisions about colour schemes, it is important to view these in the final light you intend to have.

Light sources are divided into “cool” i.e. blue and “warm” i.e. towards red. Sunrise and sunset are warm and at noon the light is cool. In home improvement the most common light source is the incandescent lamp, which is considered warm. Dim light is usually preferred to be warm in tone while high levels of light are preferred to be cool light.