4 Quick Tips for Small Bathroom Design

2018 5 Mar

Ah, yes – the cramped British bathroom. Lack of space is a perennial problem for many of our customers, especially those living in period homes. Victorian and Georgian-era houses tend to have small-ish bathroom spaces; Indeed, some of the nicest period houses we’ve seen have remarkably small bathrooms.

The good news is that we’ve found some ingenious ways to maximise your bathroom space. Designing a small bathroom can be very rewarding if you play it right. Here’s a few tips and tricks we’ve developed over the years:

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Our 3 Favourite Bathtubs – And Why Customers Love Them

2018 5 Feb

We can’t tell you how many people walk through our doors looking for quality bathtubs. It’s hardly surprising — after all, a good tub is the heart of any great bathroom.

There’s never been so much choice on the market as today. Aside from the hundreds of brands to choose from, you’re faced with all manner of design options: Contemporary or traditional? Slipper or roll top? Freestanding or drop in?

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