Electric underfloor heating for bathrooms & wetrooms

Once you’ve experienced the luxury and convenience of electric underfloor heating, you’ll never go back to a cold bathroom floor. & So To Bathe is an official supplier and installer of DEVI underfloor heating systems, one of the most innovative companies around. DEVI combines a thermostat with an underfloor mat, so you can adjust the temperature to your ideal level.


DEVI Underfloor Heating

Stepping into a heated and comfortable wetroom at just the right temperature, with the floor warm to the feet, makes showering that much more enjoyable. DEVI underfloor heating can be adjusted with ease and is suitable for all types of floor – concrete or wooden – adding an extra layer of luxury and comfort to your wetroom.

Because it is hidden under the floor, the DEVIcomfort™ Mat removes the need for space-consuming radiators, allowing more options for furnishing and interior design. It is highly economical to run, with an output from as low as 100W per m2.

DEVIcomfort™ Mat Features

  • Self-adhesive mesh backing
  • Flexible multiple lengths
  • Only 4mm thick
  • 100% screened aluminium earth sheath
  • One cold tail
  • Strong min 600N deformation strength
  • Rated temp 120°C
  • Twin conductor cable
  • 20 year DEVIwarranty™

Touch screen electronic smart thermostat.

Available in black or white


devi underfloor heating